On behalf of the Executive Committee, it is with our great pleasure to welcome you to the vibrant city of Xi’an, China, and to the second IEEE/CIC International Conference on Communications in China (ICCC2013). ICCC2013 is the second event of a newly incubated international conference series by the IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc) in partnership with the China Institute of Communications (CIC) aiming at realistic globalization by extending ComSoc’s reach to the fastest growing regions. ICCC2013 is held in Xi’an, one of the four great ancient capitals of China, after the great success of the ICCC2012 in Beijing. China has been experiencing a huge economic expansion in the past decade and is becoming one of the key players worldwide in both manufacturing and research and development in telecommunications technologies. ICCC aims to create a great research exchange venue for extending the collaborations between international researchers in the field with theleading regional research institutes in China.The conference is held every year in the greater China region and featuresKeynote Speakers, Technical Symposia, Industry Forums, Invited Talks, Tutorials, Panels, and Workshops.
This year’s technical program consists of 7Technical Symposia, 4 Workshops, 3 Tutorials, Industry and Academic Panels, and Invited Talks, disseminating the latest research and development results in the area of communications. ICCC2013 also feature four internationally renowned Keynote Speakers to address the latest developments in the field.We would like to acknowledge the great support of the following entities, without which the conference wouldn’t be successful:  China Mobile Group Shaanxi Branch,China Telecom Corporation Limited Shaanxi Branch,China Unicom Shaanxi Branch,Science and Technology on Information Transmission and Dissemination in Communication Networks Laboratory, and Northwestern Polytechnic University.
China is one of the oldest civilizations known to man. Today, with 1.3 billion citizens, China owns the world’s largest fixed-line and mobile network in terms of both network capacity and number of subscribers. More than 1.25 million cellular subscribers sign up in China every week. Since the 1990s, the city of Xi'an has re-emerged as an important cultural, industrial and educational center of the central-northwest region, with facilities for research and development, national security and China's space exploration program. It's now one of the most populous built-up areas in inland China. Wetherefore invite you to join us by attending the technical and the social events at IEEE ICCC 2013 while enjoying the sights and sounds of this vibrant andmagnificent city. This is also an excellent opportunity to bring your family along for pre-conference and post-conference tours in a region that has many tourist destinations.
Welcome to Xi’an and enjoy the IEEE/CIC ICCC2013!
Abbas Jamalipour, University of Sydney
Xinsheng Zhang, VP & Secretary General of CIC
General Chairs, IEEE ICCC2013



On behalf of the Technical Program Committee (TPC), it is with great honor and pleasure to welcome you to this exciting event, IEEE/CIC ICCC’2013, in Xi’an.
As the second year of this IEEE ComSoc flagship conference in China, we decided to maintain it as a small and high-quality conference. We received over 370 paper submissions from about 30 countries and regions by open calls.All papers were carefully peer-reviewed by more than 200 TPC members and reviewers, with each paperevaluated by at least three reviews. We have 151 papers accepted and categorized into 21 oral sessions and three poster sessions. Among the accepted ones, we have 17 invited papers, which in addition to7 invited talks will be given by established experts in their fields at the beginning of assigned regular technical sessions.In order to stimulate the interactions among the participants, we have also organized threeindustry forums during the conference focusing on the technology challenges and industrial trends. Besides, three free tutorials and four workshops have also been scheduled in conjunction with the main conference.
The highlight of the conference is the keynote speeches. This year, we are pleased to have 4 distinguished scientific experts to deliver the keynotes. They are Prof. Hequan Wu (Chinese Academy of Engineering, China), Prof. Andrea J. Goldsmith (Stanford University, USA), Prof. Chengshan Xiao (Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA), and Prof. Yuguang Fang (University of Florida, USA). In addition, we have two special invited talks on the trends in smart grids and green communications, offered by two well-known experts Prof. Lang Tong (Cornell University, USA) and Prof. ZhishengNiu (Tsinghua University, China), respectively.
We are confident that you will find the technical program of IEEE/CIC ICCC’2013very stimulating and inspiring. We sincerely invite all of you to join us interacting with the keynote/invited speakers and industry forum panelists, and more importantly, interacting with all of your peer attendees. A technical program like this would not have been possible without the hard work anddevotion of many of our volunteers. In particular, we would like to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation tothe exceptional work rendered by all the Symposia chairs, Industry Forumchairs, Workshop chairs, and all the TPC members/reviewers. We hope you will have a fruitful and memorable experience at IEEE/CIC ICCC’2013 in Xi’an.


The second IEEE&CIC International Conference on Communications in China (ICCC2013) will be held in the vibrant city of Xi’an, China, 12-14 Augu st, 2013.  ICCC 2013  aims at addressing a key theme on “Unlimited Access to Communications”.

This conference will feature world-class plenary speakers, major technical symposia, industry and academic panels and workshops. The technical program chairs invite the submission of original papers to following symposia for presentation and publication in the conference proceedings and IEEE Xplore. Best paper awards will be selected from accepted papers.

Full details about the conference as well as the submission guideline are available on the ICCC2013 website






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